Are You a Fan of Independent Wrestling? Like Videogames? WELL THEN!



Wrestling games aren’t anything new. In fact these days they’re just the same thing again and again due to the only thing coming out being the WWE 2K series (although 2K16 seems quite fun). There’s a few indie games that have popped up since TNA and Fire Pro decided games weren’t for them anymore, but all of them are a bit pants.

The issue with most the indie games that have popped up is that they are unlicensed. With the uprising of smaller federations all over the world, there’s definitely a window to snap up some licenses, but it seems nobody wants to do it. Well one team have decided to snap up a license, and it’s not only for a cheap mobile game. It’s for Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The infamous ICW officially announced last week that they will be bringing a game out in 2016 and have every intention to replicate the much loved era of wrestling games like No Mercy and Wrestlemania 2000. ICW (short for Insane Championship Wrestling) rose to prominence with a little help from documentaries from Vice and BBC. Their roster has had its fair share of indie darlings and legends pop-up over the years, with quite a few of the stars appearing on TNA.

Although a full roster is not confirmed yet there could be some names you know of if the federation’s current roster page is anything to go by. Colt Cabana, Brian Kendrick, Paul London, Drew Galloway and even Mick Foley are all listed. Maybe we’ll be lucky to get all of them and then some.  You can catch the announcement trailer below and follow the goings on of the game on their official Facebook page.

ICW Fear & Loathing The Game looks rough but the developers are not pretending it doesn’t. There’s still a long way to go and ICW seem to want to take you all on the journey from concept to completion. Indie wrestling meets indie game making. Hopefully in a way that will deliver a fresh wrestling game experience.

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